Pulse School Model Search

The Pulse For Opportunity

The Pulse Model Search provides opportunity for scores of young women across Jamaica.

This Search will help young women to:

  • Become successful international models
  • Support themselves as well as to contribute to the development of family friends and community
  • See the world
  • Become financially independent
  • Build confidence, awareness and self esteem
  • Develop a career and position themselves for post modelling career opportunities
  • Obtain personal, grooming and life skills

The new Pulse School Search Tour aims to expand a movement that has changed the face of personal and professional development of Jamaica’s young people for the past 39 years. The Search will also add value to participating schools, by providing career options, personal development.

Pulse & Education

Over the years Pulse has encouraged the pursuit of education to its fullest extent and has adopted the following principles:

  • No model should leave high school to pursue modelling careers prior to achieving, at a minimum success at the grade 11 level. We encourage students to obtain their subjects and graduate from high school, prior to international modelling.
  • Even while modelling, models are encouraged to pursue online courses to further their post-modelling career objectives.
  • As has been done by several of our models over the years, models are encouraged to pursue tertiary education at the end of their careers. Several of our models have earned first and second university degrees, these include: Angela Neil, Kimberley Mais, Romae Gordon, Parisa Fitz Henley, Carla Campbell and Jaunel McKenzie.

Several outstanding high schools have already enrolled in the program with exponential growth expected over the next 2 years.

The new Pulse Schools Model Search will expand a movement that has changed the face of personal and professional development of young people in the Caribbean for close to 4 decades.

“We are pleased to be introducing this new game-changing initiative that will expand career choices for students and give them fantastic opportunities.

Successful Model Search contestants will travel the world, develop new careers and transform their lives and potentially that of their families and communities, once they leave high school” notes Pulse Chairman and the concept creator of the Model Search, Kingsley Cooper.

In fact, the Pulse Schools Model Search can be seen as a formalization of a movement the company began years ago when it determined that the Caribbean was capable of making a significant mark in global modelling.

Pulse would go on to produce super stars such as Lois Samuels (Hampton), Nell Robinson (Immaculate) Carla Campbell (Merl Grove), Gaye Mc Donald (Holy Childhood) Jeneil Williams (Vere), Jaunel McKenzie (XLCR), Nikki Morris (Mannings), Nikki Vassel (Campion)  Romae Gordon (Alpha), Alicia Burke (Vere), Parisa Fitz-Henley and Justine Willoughby (St Andrew), Oraine Barrett (Munro) and Francine James (Camperdown) who cemented their place at the top of world modelling.

Pulse has always been a strong advocate of education and although many of the company’s models have been discovered while in high school, the agency has ensured that students successfully complete their course of work before commencing full-time international careers.

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